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New Team Sticker !  (Click on the image to get a great reference for making more sticker s !)



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Welcome to the TEAM TIRED web site !

A marginal web site apathetically dedicated to the activities of a group of eclectic cyclists.


We want some more stories from Team Tired members through-out the year

2009 RAGBRAI Photos  Are Posted !"There ain't no hills in Iowa !?"

Here's why we're called Team Tired................

Some Cool Links


TEAM TIRED makes no endorsement of these web sites, simply because we contacted them and they were all unwilling to "kick-back" any cash for our esteemed, and highly-sought recommendation.

Rumors on the street:

I guess we've all heard about our Queen becoming a "regular-Joe" 'Merican.


Eskimos put their elders on ice flows - Last year, do we remember how our elder members lost their tent flap for the 3rd yr in a row, then one of them lost their glasses, wallet, and cell phone?


"Naked beer slides will be banned this year as RAGBRAI riders get older. Who can enjoy a nice juicy Iowa Brat after watching "old-George" slide "au-natural?"

Wanna know what fuels TEAM TIRED?

Cool Fact: The G&T was invented in 18th century India. Tonic water (containing malaria fighting quinine) was mixed with gin to make it more palatable.

Neat Pics

Other Stuff

There might be some cool pics here....maybe not.

Oh yeah.......this is our new team flag !

"I asked my wife what I should do if one of those young biker chicks crawled into my tent at night. She said, 'Just do your best honey !'" - DH

"The squirrel outside my window just 'flipped me the bird !' "   -  JR

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