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TEAM TIRED makes no endorsement of these web sites, simply because we contacted them and they were all unwilling to "kick-back" any cash for our esteemed, and highly-sought recommendation.

  • Visit RAGBRAI
    • The worlds oldest and largest touring bike ride for families and TEAM TIRED members. Oh yeah, it's in Iowa every year the last full week in July.
  • Adopt-a Kybo Foundation
    • This is a sad site dedicated to abandoned and lonely RAGBRAI kybos.
  • Give to LIVESTRONG
    • A really cool guy and not a bad cyclists either. His foundation helps people affected by cancer, and he could use your support.
  • Care for Animals  
    • Good people are good to animals. Follow the link to learn more.
  • The Perfect Gin and Tonic
    • Learn the technique for making the perfect G & T.
  • Cornholin'
    • It's a lot of fun - and not what you think it is !



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