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Some of the Team Tired members have submitted short quips of their adventures and questionable memories........believe what you want.

TT Members - Send me more little ramblings as you remember them.

  • Helmet Wiz - 8/25/09 (by John) - Always give a begging dog a nibble !

    On the 2008 RAGBRAI, Nigel, Brian and John were sitting in a lovely town park scarfing some pie along with several other bikers. An old Golden Retriever is making the most of the situation by systematically going to each biker, wagging his tail and getting a little nibble from each.

    Mr. Dog approaches a biker sitting on the lawn a few feet away from our team members and again begs from the fellow enjoying some delectable treat; the man shoos the dog away. The dog, backs away and proceeds to lift his leg and pees in the man's bike helmet with only Team Tired members as witnesses.

    Internal morals struggle within the Team Tired members as to tell the fellow or not; finally a rare spark of goodness wells up from within and the man with the peed-on-helmet is told.

    No matter how much rinsing of that helmet is performed, we all know that on one of those hot days when the sweat is running down your forehead and into your mouth, you'll taste that dog pee....or at least think you do.


  • Sara's Story - 8/14/09 (By John) - New Team member being recruited in Ohio.

    While biking the Ohio MS-150 (I highly recommend this ride !) I met up with a 19 year old young lady named Sara. At the beginning of the ride Sara asked if we could form a pace line. I was incredulous; no 19 year old keeps up with me  for 75 miles. Boy was I wrong ! I set a hard pace for the distance and she kept right with me while my big fat frame broke plenty of wind for her. Unfortunately, I was a better pace setter that day than navigator and got us lost twice adding an additional 15 miles to the ride.....but she hung with me.

    The MS-150 is supposed to be a fun tour, but some of us turn it into a race. I really wanted to win that day as I had the previous day, but because of the extra 15 miles, my pace was set too high........but Sara could win.... There was only one female ahead of us as we neared the finish line, and when I asked Sara if she could take that other girl, I swear she growled and took off around me to catch the other girl. Sara blew her away !

    Team Tired members, we need to recruit her for Iowa 2010; I've sent you her email address.

  • "The fashion police have reported that large Iowa boys working at Deere factories shouldn't wear spandex."

  • "P.O.'ed" Team Tired Member - "Member Don H is wanting to take legal action against the web site for defamation of character."

  • New Flash - "Reliable sources state that Member Gene S is nearly complete with a new flag for TT.........or at least his wife is. Inquiring minds want to know what she'll be compensated...."

  • Where's Lance? - "I saw Lance on the road and I blew past him !"  - JR

  • Motorized Picnic Table - "In a blurry evening adventure, I seem to remember riding around the street on a motorized picnic table." - BH

  • Have Pity, I'm Old - "I'm old and you should all respect me damnit !  Where's my tent?" - DH

  • Wild Ride - "I ride my bike like I ride my horse..... one handed and sweaty." - J

  • Hygiene - "I need another shower" - CC

  • Loud at Night- "Why do I have to pitch my tent next to JR? He snores like a locomotive !" - Everyone


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